Im one of those creatures who remain zombie-like till Ive had my morning cuppa. So naturally, the withdrawal symptoms had me with a heavy head by noon that progressively turned into a nagging headache as the day went on. Drinking plenty of water and my fair share of green tea helped me get through, but not without a some discomfort. I hear rubbing your temples and firmly pressing the bridge of your nose with your thumbs helps too. 5.
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The real genius of fad diets

When the bowl had 10 colors of candy, people ate 43 percent more than when there were 7. “Variety, or even a perception of it, can increase consumption,” he explained. Try plotting out four or five healthy options for each meal and rotate among them, nixing what’s not on the plan, Taitz suggests. Continue until you get sick of them, then refresh your menu with a new set of choices. 3. Throw some money at it.
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